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Phil's Messages

It is with much regret and deliberation we are going to suspend streaming classes at this time.

We want to thank you for your patience and support during this chaotic period! There's a really good expression that describes exactly what this experience has been like: "We're building the plane as we're flying it." We will email, post on social media and send push notifications though the app when streaming classes resume. 

In the meantime, we have made a few updates effective immediately:

- The Platinum subscription plan has been renamed to "Silver 2", and in the current Silver plan we added “Xtreme Hip Hop - The Sequel" to it, so both plans mirror each other temporarily. 

- Both plans will also have pre-recorded streaming workouts added periodically to help keep a fresh twist on your workouts! 

- If you are a current Platinum subscriber you will see the lower charge on your next billIng cycle. Another announcement will be made if a price increase is coming.

- Most importantly: has been changed to Please update your saved websites! 

Everything else regarding your account should be the same. We encourage you to follow social media platforms to stay up to date:

- YouTube: Xtreme Hip Hop with Phil
- FB: Xtreme Hip Hop with Phil
- IG: @thegiftd1 - IGTV

Stay proactive by downloading the Xtreme Fitness with Phil App and /or go online to and order the DVD collection. 

Going forward please email if you have any questions regarding the app or streaming.

As always we appreciate your support!    

Phillip Weeden & The Xtreme Hip Hop Team
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